Monday, May 30, 2005

The Postie Bike Diaries, Part 1

So what’s the deal with the postie bike?

My daily routine includes bussing to work everyday. And even if the bus stop’s just a 5-minute walk from my place, it’s still such a pain cos buses are either too late or too early. Therefore, it leaves me without a choice. I have to leave my house a bit earlier than necessary to make sure that I don’t miss my bus. Of course it doesn’t work all the time. In fact, I’ve missed my bus a few times:

Example 1: I sleep in for a few minutes. I give myself enough time to walk to the stop. The bus comes early and I see it driving away before my very eyes.

Example 2: I’m on time. I wait for a good time to cross the road. Too many cars try to catch the green light. By the time I finally get to cross, the bus had already gone past my stop.

Example 3: I realise I’m quite early for my bus. I decide to fit two more things in my morning routine: I have breakky and then take the rubbish out. I walk to my stop… Surprise! Surprise! I missed my bus.

I don’t really mind waiting at the stop. My only problem is it’s winter again and I absolutely abhor freezing in the cold. If only I could drive… But as discussed in my earlier post, the system here is just too bloody complicated. I’d get around to doing it someday… not just yet, I suppose. I’m just thinking of alternatives at the moment. I’m after a quicker way of rectifying my issues with public transport.

We had a bbq at Csaba’s on the weekend and some of the guys were playing with one of Dan’s toys… a postie bike. It’s not too big. It’s not too fast either. It looked fun, actually. Adrienne, Jess and I were watching Deirdre and Gareth take off with the postie bike when I thought of my new action plan. Luckily, Jess knew enough about postie bikes to build my interest up and leave me with a good impression of postie bikes. They’re called postie bikes cos they’re used by postmen to carry and deliver mail. Apparently, only the postal service can get them brand new in Australia but second-hand ones are sold at auctions. They’re quite cheap and are usually in good condition too. Also, I learned that it’s not too difficult to get a license for driving a bike… at least it’s not gonna take forever to get one. There aren’t too many restrictions either. I can bike without being supervised by a fully-licensed driver. And the point system is more lenient as well. Plus Jess said that other cars are generally nice to people with an L plate on their bikes. This can be cool, hey.

Deirdre and Gareth returned with the bike soon after Adrienne, Jess and I concluded that I should get a postie bike… after I learn how to drive one anyway. Well, they didn’t let me waste any time as I was told that it’s my turn to use the bike. I was really nervous cos I haven’t been on a push bike for years, let alone a motorised one. Dan showed me the basics, Csaba hopped on next to me and off we went to go around the street. At one point, I felt the bike wobble and it scared the sh** out of me. Not knowing what I was doing, I gripped the accelerator harder as the bike sped off to the wrong side of the road. We would’ve crashed if Csaba didn’t take over the bike. Needless to say, balancing the postie bike was harder than I thought. I’d need to practice heaps more before I can drive it on my own. And yes, I do get scared easily so I’d have to work hard on my confidence level as well. We’ll see how I go… until the next update on my postie bike diaries!

l-r: Csaba, myself, Jess, Dan, Adrienne,Cam, Tommy and Joseph

*** Thank you God for a good night's sleep.
*** Thank you God for Tigi Bedhead's Manipulator. It works wonders on my fringe! :)


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