Monday, June 27, 2005

Csaba's Birthday Weekend

Sydney never disappoints. And the weekend turned out great as expected.

It was the Lion King’s last weekend in Sydney and the theater was packed when we caught the Friday night run. I first saw the Lion King in Broadway 3 years ago. I was blown away by the colourful costumes, creative set design, high-spirited actors and heart-pounding music that filled the theater. The stampede and the “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” scenes were amazing. And I loved Timon, Pumba and the cheetah. The Sydney production was alright. I’m not sure if I wasn’t that impressed because the novelty has worn off or if it simply fell short of my expectations. The stage was smaller although it was fine because my seat was also closer. The costumes and the set were still wonderful. I just didn’t like some of the acting that I witnessed on stage. Mufasa and little Simba were both terrible. I loved both Nala’s and the guy who played Timon definitely caught my attention. He really acted out the part. It was an ok show. And it wouldn’t be fair to say that I didn’t enjoy it because I still had a wonderful time.

Csaba turned 26 on Saturday. It didn’t stop me from doing my rounds in Pitt Street though. ;) We had a nice lunch at Kapitan Torres and I finally bought a paellera (I’m meant to make my specialty on the weekend). I left Csaba at Kinokuniya after lunch and subjected myself to an afternoon of stocktake sales. It was very strange but I didn’t seem to have the urge to shop that day. I think I gave up after checking out a million shops that sold the exact same things. You see, I’m not a big fan of trends and I become less keen on things (no matter how nice they are) when they start popping up on every display window there is. Anyhow, I ended up splurging on books instead. I just love Kinokuniya! They have such a wide range of cook books and travel books. They also stock a lot of books that I never seem to find in other shops. It’s definitely heaven for book lovers (and for boyfriends who have nothing better to do while waiting for their girlfriends to finish shopping hehe). We had reservations at
Harbour Kitchen and Bar for dinner and I was really looking forward to it. It was highly recommended by Tita Lorna (and Keanu Reeves as well. Apparently, he told a reporter that the first thing that he does every time he comes to Australia is have lunch at the Harbour Kitchen. Hehe). Harbour Kitchen was great! The staff were nice enough to give us a table with a great view of the Opera House. I had this really yummy strawberry and mandarin mocktail called Latino Social Club. The thought of it makes me want to have a glass this very minute. We also stuffed ourselves with oysters, lamb rump with artichokes, oregano and garlic, spit roasted steak with braised eschallot and horse radish mascarpone and wood roasted potatoes. Dessert was Csaba’s makeshift birthday cake… Banana Chocolate and Charlotte. Yum yum yum! It’s arguably the best meal that I’ve had in a long time. :)

Csaba met up with his Hungarian friend on Sunday while I spent the whole day with Tita Lorna, Nicole and the boys. We left Castle Hill at lunch time and headed to the furniture haven that is Ikea. Sigh. I’ve started dreaming of having my own place ever since finding out that I had to move again. Walking past all the nice furniture in Ikea just made me wish even more… Oh well… Someday… :) DFO was next on the list after Ikea. We didn’t really have much time to go around the shops but I still managed to find some good buys in Cue and Nine West. I wish they had stocktake sales every month. Hehehe. It’s like Christmas in June! :) Anyway, I met up with Csaba in DFO, took a raincheck on dinner at Tita Lorna’s and drove in the rain to go back to good old freezing Canberra. I had one thought in my head while we were on our way home… we shouldn’t have missed Tito Dennis’ lamb shanks. Heehee.

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