Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Cuba Libre?

I finally finished watching Fidel last night.

It’s not one of the greatest films that I’ve seen but it’s interesting enough to keep me in my seat for 3 ½ hours. Although I admit I probably wouldn’t have come across this movie if Gael Garcia Bernal weren’t in it, I still think it was worth learning about one of the most influential and controversial leaders of the 20th century.

In my opinion, the movie would’ve been better if it were told in Spanish. Although I thought it was good that the cast members were mostly Latin American actors, listening to them speak in English just takes so much potential away from the movie. These actors would’ve done more justice to their characters if they were able to express themselves freely in their own language.

Before this movie, Fidel Castro was like a myth. And Cuba was a different world from mine. All I knew was Castro has been leading Cuba under a dictatorship rule for over 40 years now. Watching the movie exposed me to a mostly new but strangely familiar reality on the other side of the globe.

Fidel Castro, along with his comrades, had a vision to eliminate injustice and change the ways of life in Cuba. He dedicated his life to his vision… his revolution. He became successful in achieving his goal, but he was far from sustaining it. While Castro concentrated on preserving the revolution, he forgot about the reason for a revolution. What could have led Cuba to where it is now? Castro’s constant refusal to recognise human nature? His ignorant approach to politics, economic issues and agricultural practices? His absolute ways and means of executing power?

The truth of the matter is Castro may have succumbed to his own demons. He may have turned into one of those people that he despises the most. He may have become the enemy that he was struggling against during the prime of the revolution.

*** Thank you God for Krispy Kremes.
*** Thank you God for the yummy dinner that Csaba brought when he came over.


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