Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Kerrie's back.

I've been renting her 3-bedroom unit for almost a year now. Originally, I was just renting the extra room in her house. Soon after I moved in, this work opportunity in Germany came up and she and her partner both decided to move overseas. It wasn't planned but it worked out well. I agreed to housesit for them for at least a year. In return, they only stored personal stuff and left the place fully furnished for me. I didn't have to pay more rent even if I had the whole place to myself. I just had to advertise for a flatmate to help balance the costs. Incidentally, I didn't find anyone to share the place with until mid-February of this year.

So yeah, I lived by myself for months. I had this really nice place to come home to every night. And it didn't hurt that the house is fully set up as well. I love the queen sized bed, the 2 built in wardrobes, the tv, the dvd player and vcr in my bedroom. I love the spa in my bathroom. I love my kitchen - the pantry that's always stocked with my favourite cooking ingredients. I love the books, the leather couch, the widescreen tv and the reading chair in the lounge. I love the look and feel of the dining room - very cosy and perfect for an intimate dinner with friends. I love sitting under the sun and having breakfast in the courtyard. I love Julio and Tenoch (the fish in the courtyard... and yes, I made these names up). Heck, I even love the plants that didn't manage to survive my lack of gardening skills.

*Sigh* The place really grew on me. It really is home for me these days (my second home anyway... Villamor still tops my list).I took care of it like it's my own. And it certainly feels like my own.

Kerrie came back from Germany yesterday. She has decided to move back to Australia for good. I'm quite relieved because she was quite impressed with the house. I'm just a bit worried about having to find new accommodation soon. She has expressed her intention to live by herself like she did in Germany... although she did say that she's open to the idea of having me stay with her until I find a place that I really like. It's fair enough, I suppose. I've decided to start looking around just the same. It's a bit sad, really.



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