Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Thank God for Long Weekends!

One of the things that I love most about Australia is we get heaps of public holidays. Anzac Day, Australia Day, Labour Day, Boxing Day, Easter holidays, Christmas, New Year’s… the list goes on and on. We get so many long weekends that it almost seems like we’re just coming up with lame reasons to take time off from work. But who am I to complain? Life is good this way. :)

The Queen’s Birthday Holiday is always observed in June even if the Queen's birthday's really in April. And even if we’re thousands of miles away from the UK, we celebrate it here as well. Australia’s been a constitutional monarchy since its founding after all. Thus, we share the said public holiday with the Brits even if it seems like another excuse for a long weekend. Thanks to the Queen... I didn't have to go to work yesterday. :)

Tita Lorna’s birthday also fell on the same weekend so going to Sydney for the Queen’s Birthday was almost a given. As usual, I didn’t pack light and caught the bus at the last minute on Saturday afternoon. The trains to Beecroft were out of service so I had to get off at Strathfield instead. Luckily, Miguel was at Nicole’s so I was able to get a lift back to Castle Hill. We quickly had some dumplings for dinner and got ready for a Filipino party that we had to go to that evening.

Some interesting observations that Miguel and I had at the party:
- Filo Filos aren’t cool especially when they try to look cool.
- Hot Guy and Hot Girl might be cousins (just like us! Hehe).
- People can tell if you’re having fun on the dance floor.
- They also know when you’re worrying about dance steps and fussing over your looks.

It was a great party all in all. It felt good to be surrounded by Filipinos for a change… although it made me miss home even more. Di bale… December’s not too far away. And if I’m lucky, I might even get to score a really cheap flight before winter ends. Hehe wishful thinking.

I slept in for a bit on Sunday morning. We heard mass at 10 and went to a bowling party after. After a couple of hours, Tita Lorna and I left the boys to treat ourselves to some retail therapy. :) I love June cos the shops hold stocktake sales in anticipation of the end of the financial year. I got some nice winter skirts and pants to go with the goodies that my Mom sent a couple of weeks ago. Yay! :D Call me a shopaholic but hey… I didn’t get those peep toe heels that I’ve been eyeing for a while (even if they were calling out to me with a 50% off price tag). Galing noh? Sige na please... Congratulate me. ;) But we’ll see next week… I’ll be off to Sydney again for the weekend.

We had a cosy and quiet Sunday evening. Tito Dennis made hot pot for dinner (yum!) and we stuffed ourselves with Guylian as we watched Last Man Standing on TV.

One of the best parts of the weekend was going to the seafood market for Tita Lorna’s birthday lunch. It’s one of my favourite places in Sydney even if the difficulty of finding seats is almost a guarantee. And true enough… the place was so crowded that we ended up sitting on the ground. It’s all good though… We had a seafood feast of calamari rings, prawn cutlets, oysters, fish and chips, steamed prawns, chilli squid, lobsters and salad. It was definitely more than enough to make up for the lack of a proper table and benches to sit on.

Last weekend was really just one of those ordinary weekends… except I had 10 times more food, fun and shopping. :) Haaaay… and now I’m back at work… bloody slaving away in front of my computer. Oh well… Can’t wait for the next long weekend! :D


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