Saturday, June 04, 2005

A Typical Saturday

I don’t have a green thumb. And yet I found myself in the Yarralumla nursery on a Saturday morning. I was shopping for plants when I should’ve been back home sleeping in. Around half a year ago, the owners of my flat moved overseas and left the house under my care. I did a pretty good job, hey. I’m a responsible tenant after all. ;) The place is very well looked after… except for one thing, that is. The plants in the courtyard are all dead. My land lady is due to come back next week and I had to replace all the plants that I’ve killed. I really don’t know much about plants. You can leave me in the kitchen for a day and I’ll come up with heaps of wonderful meals but never ever leave me out in the garden. Luckily, Csaba was there to help me out. We spent a couple of hours in the nursery and seeing all the greenery made me wish that I had a nice garden… and that I knew how to maintain one. I could imagine my own big box of fresh herbs (like Jamie Oliver’s in Jamie Oliver Live) a few steps away from my kitchen. Anyway, I ended up spending 80 bucks on pot plants and potting mixture. And then we headed off to lunch…

Lunch was crap. We were just about to head for the Woden shops when we decided to make a u-ie to go to Ming’s instead. Ming’s has lunch specials for $6.50 on Saturdays. We thought we wouldn’t mind some dumplings and laksa for lunch. Eating out is rarely a disappointment for me but lunch today was just sooo bad. The dumplings must have been a day old and the laksa wasn’t any good either. The garlic chicken and fried rice would’ve been alright if they were a tad less salty and not too oily. After that meal, I decided that I’m never going to Ming’s again. I’ve only been there 4 times and the only meal worth raving about was the Shantung chicken that I had on my first visit. Oh well…

We headed back to my place, unloaded the car and started working on the garden. My job was really simple. I chose which pots to use for which plants and Csaba did the rest of the potting. Hehe, I know. I’m hopeless. :)

I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning my room and getting rid of stuff that I no longer use. I ended up with two big boxes of clothes for the Salvos. Whew! It’s really nice coming home now. My bedroom’s really neat and clutter free at the moment… I wonder how long for though.

I caught up with Claire (my old flatmate) and had dinner at Turkish Pide House. They didn’t have enough seats inside so we had to sit outside the restaurant. It was bloody cold but we were both craving for Turkish so we didn’t really care. It worked out well though. We were right next to the heaters so it wasn’t bad at all. We ordered the banquet and stuffed ourselves with zucchini balls (my favourite), bread and dips (hummus, baba ganoush, tatziki, beetroot and carrot… YUM!) for entree. By the time we got to the mains, we were pretty much full… although we still struggled to finish the kebabs, meatballs, couscous and salad because they were soooo good. In the end, we didn’t have any room left in our stomachs to even start with the Turkish pizza. It was a very good meal though… made up for the crappy Chinese that I had for lunch. :)

I went home straight after dinner and ended my day with Sideways and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. Diego Luna is hot… but only when he’s on the dance floor. Gael will forever be #1. :D

*** Thank you God for the new plants in the courtyard.
*** Thank you God for zucchini balls, fresh Turkish bread, hummus, tzatziki, couscous, chicken and lamb kebabs. :D


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