Saturday, June 18, 2005

A Year Ago...

I was in paradise.

It’s been exactly a year since I went to the Whitsundays. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful places that I’ve ever been to. And the whole trip is among my favourite travel memories as well. I can’t remember having done so many things (with so little time) in any other holiday. I’ll always look back and revisit my memories from that trip. Because in the Whitsundays Islands…

- I went on a helicopter ride and experienced an aerial view of the islands.
- I hopped on a jetski and didn’t care how fast I went.
- I went parasailing and got a refreshing (albeit freezing) plunge.
- I discovered that quad bikes are fun but dangerous. I crashed into a bush and ended up getting cow poo all over my leg.
- I had yummy seafood buffet while watching different Polynesian dances.
- I tried crocodile for the first time. I didn’t like it at all. I thought it tasted like rubber.
- I had fresh fish and chips almost everyday.
- I didn’t have to rug up even if it’s winter.
- I went to the Great Barrier Reef. I didn’t find Nemo but I found George. :D
- I snorkeled and got friendly with the residents of the reef. ;)
- I saw a whale up close . It was swimming next to our boat while we were on our way to the GBR. It wasn’t even part of what we paid for! It was a bonus that definitely made my day.
- I spent half a day at Whitehaven Beach. Lunch on the barby, a nice tan, a pristine beach… what more could one ask for?


More Pictures?


Anonymous alfie said...

I think you are a very cool girl for your age. Keep it up and you will soar into more beautiful places.


3:44 AM  

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