Friday, July 29, 2005

For All the Aiesecers Out There...

... and for people who simply want to help.

We always talk about being change agents and making a difference when we go to Aiesec conferences. How about making a difference in one person's life? I thought this might be a good way to extend a helping hand to someone who probably went on a traineeship for reasons and aspirations that were similar to ours. This could've happened to one of us. Please read the rest of the emails and I'm sure you'll understand what I'm saying because her situation really hits home.

Sofia Mendez is a Mexican trainee who contracted septicemia and pneumonia while undertaking a traineeship in Ghana. She needs to be transferred to a hospital in Europe but the flight alone already costs heaps. Plus she also needs to obtain the necessary medicine and vaccinations. Her family can't really do much about the situation because her father has been unemployed for the last 2 months. They have asked for help from the government and different organisations but they haven't received the full amount that's needed.

I wish my Spanish was good enough so I can translate the whole thing. Unfortunately, I can only understand bits and pieces of it. If anyone can translate the following article for people who might want more information, that would be great.

If you'd like to help, contact: o

Oh, and please pass this on to people who might be interested in helping.

Have a good one,

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Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 10:09:05 GMT
Subject: Aiesec Chile demostrando su Liderazgo y Responsabilidad
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Thread: Aiesec Chile demostrando su Liderazgo y Responsabilidad
Author: Gustavo Duarte (

Hola gente de Chile,

Demostremos nuestro liderazgo en esta causa que nos toca vivir a todos como
miembros de esta gran plataforma de apredinzaje y desarrollo la cual
pertenecemos y somos parte viva de ella... hoy es una trainee Mexicana...
mañana puede un trainee de Chile... por eso les pido con una mano en el corazon
tan solo leamos esto y dejemos el resto a nuestra conciencia...



Hi AIESEC members!
Im writing from Mexico, We need your help. We have one SN in Accra, Ghana, she
is Sofia Mendez SN-In-MX-CJ-2005-1234. She presents a case of septicemia
(bacterial infection in the sanguineous torrent) and pneumonia. Everything
began with an infection of the urinary routes, later pancreatitis, problems
with the kidney and the liver.

She cannot receive the special treatment or attention necessary in that country
therefore she requires to be transferred to a European country (Switzerland)
urgently, however the cost of this particular scenario is approximately of
80,000 dollars, just to move her to Europe in a special plane.

Please check this url, just in case that you do not trust:
We are more than 80,000 AIESEC members!, What if we give at least 1 dollar?
Just ONE dollar and we can save her life& She is not just a Mexican trainee,
she is an AIESEC
Trainee, Our trainee!.. This could be happening to you. Please help her, she
needs our brotherhood to be at it's finest moment by helping out one of us.

Please, distribute this e-mail to your contacts!!

Imagine that you, your sister, or one of your trainees are in her shoes, what
you do? Make it Happen!
It's up to you!!!

Account: Aquiles Mendez 5177-1253-8694-9896
(He is her brother)
Bankwire: 00216 400 747 722 7146

Para transferencias internacionales comunicarse via mail a o

Numero de cuenta: 0021 6400 747 722 7146
Nombre: Aquiles Méndez

Friday, July 22, 2005

My End of the Bargain

Never in my life have I said goodbye to so many people within such a short period of time...

i miss copy

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Maria Bienvenido Otra Vez!

They can deny it if they want to but I bet they just can’t get enough of Canberra.

Maria’s back from New Zealand and she’s in town for a few days. Her friend Ene’s here as well. She came all the way from Venezuela to face winter in Australia… poor girl. But they’ll be leaving for Cairns on Saturday so I guess they won’t be missing the sun for too long.

I caught up with them last night after work. We went to King O’s for drinks with Lauro, Zubin, Dave, Ana and Margery (?). Ene and Maria had to go to this Latin American radio program at 8:30 and they convinced me to join them. We got to the radio station and sat through a Brazilian news program (and yes, it was in Portuguese). Fortunately, Maria’s friends showed up and started their own program not long after we arrived. It was fun! The whole thing was in Spanish (duh Den?!) and I didn’t expect to understand a lot of what the guys were saying but I actually did. I found myself laughing at the jokes and getting the main point of what they were talking about. And as expected, they played awesome music that would’ve been good to dance to if we weren’t cramped in the small booth. It was all good fun though. (Uno de sus amigos es muy guapo. Tiene el acento es lindo y es simpatico. ;) haha.). It might be the start of a Wednesday night habit for me… Listening to the program and improving my Spanish, that is. We stayed for an hour and a half and went back to King O’s cos Rosh and Amali turned up. We spent around 3 hours chatting before calling it a night at around midnight. Party's not over though... We’ll be catching up again for Maria’s final farewell tomorrow.

You probably won’t get to read this but to Rosh, Amali and Zubin – have a safe trip and enjoy your time in Europe! Oh, and please give Tessan a big hug for me. :D

maria and den

Con Maria, mi amiga Venezolana. Ella se va vacaciones en el Queensland antes ella vuelve a Venezuela.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Con Mi Paellera Nuevo


Me gusta la paella. Yo lo hice para cena anoche. Es dificil de cocinar pero lo vale. Gracias a Dios para mi paellera nuevo!