Thursday, July 14, 2005

Maria Bienvenido Otra Vez!

They can deny it if they want to but I bet they just can’t get enough of Canberra.

Maria’s back from New Zealand and she’s in town for a few days. Her friend Ene’s here as well. She came all the way from Venezuela to face winter in Australia… poor girl. But they’ll be leaving for Cairns on Saturday so I guess they won’t be missing the sun for too long.

I caught up with them last night after work. We went to King O’s for drinks with Lauro, Zubin, Dave, Ana and Margery (?). Ene and Maria had to go to this Latin American radio program at 8:30 and they convinced me to join them. We got to the radio station and sat through a Brazilian news program (and yes, it was in Portuguese). Fortunately, Maria’s friends showed up and started their own program not long after we arrived. It was fun! The whole thing was in Spanish (duh Den?!) and I didn’t expect to understand a lot of what the guys were saying but I actually did. I found myself laughing at the jokes and getting the main point of what they were talking about. And as expected, they played awesome music that would’ve been good to dance to if we weren’t cramped in the small booth. It was all good fun though. (Uno de sus amigos es muy guapo. Tiene el acento es lindo y es simpatico. ;) haha.). It might be the start of a Wednesday night habit for me… Listening to the program and improving my Spanish, that is. We stayed for an hour and a half and went back to King O’s cos Rosh and Amali turned up. We spent around 3 hours chatting before calling it a night at around midnight. Party's not over though... We’ll be catching up again for Maria’s final farewell tomorrow.

You probably won’t get to read this but to Rosh, Amali and Zubin – have a safe trip and enjoy your time in Europe! Oh, and please give Tessan a big hug for me. :D

maria and den

Con Maria, mi amiga Venezolana. Ella se va vacaciones en el Queensland antes ella vuelve a Venezuela.


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