Monday, August 08, 2005

All I Want for My Birthday Are...

too many things! Haha!

Here are 23 cos I'm turning 23! ;)

A. Books
1. The Travel Book (A Journey Through Every Country in the World) by Lonely Planet
2. a good Spanish Verb book
3. Memoirs and/or On the Blue Shores of Silence: Poems of the Sea, both by Pablo Neruda
4. Feast: Food to Celebrate Life or Forever Summer, both by Nigella Lawson
5. Kinokuniya gc’s

B. Me? Vain?
1. MAC’s So There Jade power point eyeliner
2. a big utility bag
3. shoes, shoes and more shoes! :D

C. Simple Pleasures
1. a home-cooked meal or home-made treats (since I’m always the one in the kitchen, I thought I’ll let myself be spoiled this time)
2. raspberry framboisine from the French patisserie in Civic
3. simple catch-up over dinner or coffee (extra happy if we go to Thai Spice, Iori or Turkish Pide House)
4. practice conversations in Spanish
5. come to dance class with me… and if you find it fun, be my dance partner. :D
6. phone calls from friends and family (especially people I haven’t talked to in a while)

D. Asking for the Moon
1. a 60GB iPod
2. a 12” Powerbook G4 or a VAIO T350P/S
3. contributions to my Amazing Race 2006 fund ;) (Hi Ma!)

E. Other Things…
1. sponsor a child through World Vision – visit World Vision or World Vision Australia for more information. They need sponsors for 10,000 children by the end of August. Ok, it's not really for me but I'll be so happy if you can help further this good cause.
2. lesson passes (Yoga, Pilates, Salsa, Street or Flamenco)
3. Gael Garcia Bernal’s short films (or Gael Garcia Bernal himself! Haha! ;))
4. international phone cards
5. massage, massage, massage
6. Electric Shadows’ six-tix movie pass

I do realise that nobody reads my blog (except for Len and Bubay siguro) but hey, my Mom might just chance upon this list. Who knows? I might end up getting lucky. Heehee! ;)


Blogger ria said...

Happy Birthday! ;)

1:07 AM  
Blogger Den said...


Thanks thanks! Musta na? :) Hope you're well. Kwento ka soon k? Mwah!


8:56 AM  
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