Thursday, August 11, 2005


The days are going by really quickly. I’m moving to a new place on the weekend and I’ve hardly packed anything! I haven’t even had the chance to talk about last weekend and Saturday’s almost here again. It’s just been a really busy week, that’s all.

I told myself I’ll finish packing my stuff by Friday. And let me tell you, I’m nowhere close to reaching that goal. I picked up a dining setting from Nicholls last Monday and it took me ages to get there and back. Plus the Desperate Housewives season finale was on telly that evening so I didn’t get to pack a single thing. Tuesdays are booked for salsa so I didn’t get to do anything on that evening either. It was so much fun last Tuesday though. I invited Lauro, Dave and Csaba to salsa cos we didn’t have enough guys in the class. I think they all liked the idea of meeting heaps of girls and not having too much competition. ;) Unfortunately for them, too many guys showed up that night. It was still fun though. We discovered that not all Brazilians were born to be on the dance floor. I think our teacher also realised that talent isn’t always in the blood (kidding Lauro! :p). As for last night, I was quite determined to get some work done so I headed straight to Woolies after work. I got some boxes for storing stuff and managed to put some bags and winter clothes away. I still have heaps of things to go through but I don’t think I’ll be able to pack again until tomorrow. I have Spanish tonight so I think I’ll really end up doing everything at the last minute. We’ll see how we go.

On to other things (not that there’s much to tell)…

1. It snowed today. That rarely happens by the way. And it felt a lot like being in Melbourne yesterday… sunny one minute, drizzling the next.
2. Maria flew out this morning. :( She’s spending 16 days in Canada before finally heading home to Venezuela. Te extraño mi amiga!

And back to my dilemma… Any suggestions on how I can pack these?





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