Thursday, August 18, 2005

No Time for Blogging

Moving is such a pain. I spent all of last weekend tidying up my old place and transporting boxes to the new one. It took a few trips but I’ve finally moved all my things to Reid. I also spent a good few hours scrubbing the bathroom, vacuuming the lounge and my bedroom and mopping the kitchen at my old flat. I thought it’ll go on forever! I don’t think I’ve ever wished for a weekend to end… not until last weekend anyway. I just didn’t realise that a more daunting task awaits me…


Yes, I did manage to get all of them across to my new place... 4 Huge boxes and a few shopping bags. ;)

boxes 1

Halfway through...

boxes 2

... and struggling

I wish I could go back to the weekend before last. It's exactly what I need right now - a fun and steady weekend in Sydney. :) It was pretty full on but I did get to see most of the people that I wanted to catch up with. Crashed at Liz' on Friday, went around the city with Len, Andrew and Joris on Saturday and spent time with the family on Sunday. Oh, and I had to stop myself from hoarding Ikea as well. Will save it for later when I've organised everything at the new place. :p

with andrew and len

with Len and Andrew at Waga Mama

good buy

My amazing buy! Been eyeing this out for ages. Hehe.


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