Friday, September 16, 2005

Goodbye Doink

I believe that my laptop has been on a self-destructing mode for a while now. It's literally breaking into pieces for reasons that I don't understand. I've never dropped it nor have I scratched it and yet you can see cracks around the monitor multiplying by the day. Oh and the character "A" on the keyboard has stopped working as well. I have more than enough reason to get a new one, actually. And this might be weird to some but I've been through so much with that computer that I've become bloody attached to it.

Four years, a degree's worth of CS projects, hundreds of mp3's and too many photos later, it's dead. It's terribly frustrating and I'm hoping against hope to at least recover my files in the hard drive. I probably won't buy a new one until after my Amazing Race next year (unless I win the lottery and suddenly have the means to plan the big holiday and splurge on that VAIO at the same time). Argh! I might as well take a leave of absence from blogging and whatever else.


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