Thursday, October 27, 2005

After Much Anticipation...

They're here!


Tickets went on sale on October 10 and my diary was screaming "Log into ticketmaster at 9am". Unfortunately, I was flat out at work that day and I didn't get to have a go at getting tickets until 4 in the afternoon. Surprise surprise! I couldn't get tickets for the June 26 concert! All sold out. I was lucky though cos tickets were still available for the June 27 show. Hayayay! I literally spent half an hour clicking on the look for tickets button trying to get hold of the best seats available (considering that the best tickets were gone). It was a bit of a pain, really. And to think I might not even be here in June next year. Oh well… I'll hold onto them for now and worry about getting rid of them once I've finalised my travel plans. I just didn't want to miss out in case I'm around when Coldplay comes. Yay yay yay! :D

Friday, October 14, 2005

I Want! I Want!

ipod Video

I promised myself I won't splurge on anything until I've bought my brother's overdue birthday present and my Round The World ticket for next year. And mind you, I've been a very good girl... Haven't even bought a new pair of shoes in over a month! But how can I say no to this?

Monday, October 10, 2005

Breaking News!

I’ll be home for Christmas!!! And I got a longer leave approved too. :D So mark your calendars my dear friends. I’ll be in town from December 14 to January 3. :D :D :D

And onto more great news… I gained weight!!! 9 lbs, to be exact. That’s only 4 lbs away from achieving my ideal weight. Yay! I hope it’s not winter weight though. I’ll be heartbroken if it is. Hehe drama.

Summer’s here!!! Well, not quite but getting there. It was a bit chilly last weekend but it definitely felt like summer when we went to Terrigal two weekends ago. 25+ degrees all weekend! It was Labour Day so I decided to go out of town for the long weekend. Csaba and I caught up with Abi and Rita at Coogee and brought them along for a weekend at Tita Lorna’s house in Central coast. We kicked the day off with fish and chips and hung around the Snapper Spot while waiting for the Castle Hill party (Tita Lorna, Tito Dennis, Miguel and Len) to arrive. We spent the Saturday afternoon basking under the sun and watching Rita and Csaba wade through the freezing cold ocean. Crazy Europeans! I guess 18 degrees just isn’t good enough for us Asians. ;) There isn’t really much cuento to tell as the rest of the weekend can be captured in 4 words: food, beach, family, friends. Hungarian goulash, Filipino breakfast (with daing na bangus, danggit and longanisa), honey soy wings, bbq ribs, marinated beef, vanilla ice cream, strawberries and cream, mango cream pie, coconut toffee bars, avocadoes, grilled haloumi and goat’s cheese salad… haaaay! I love weekends at Terrigal! View the photos here!

Other weekend highlights that are worth mentioning: Philip from Liverpool (haha Len), foreign accents and whatnot, Adam Duritz, cartwheels and hand stands, the alphabet (as in q, r, s, t, u, wee) and rating beachcombers with Len and Csaba.

Last weekend wasn’t too bad either – Aurel’s farewell on Friday night, barby at Dom’s on Saturday and the Thai Festival (my favourite Thai resto had a food stall so I spent a good amount of time watching the chef cook his signature dishes. Can’t wait to make Thai food now… Thai Spice style!) and dinner at Karmen’s on Sunday. Oh and guess what I found in the boys’ server!? Lost Season 2, The OC Season 3 and The Apprentice: Martha Stewart! So yeah, didn’t get to study for Spanish at all. Been a lazy bum all weekend. :p

But yeah…

I’m going home. I gained weight. I’ve been to the beach. I’ve been blessed with glorious food. Ahhh… I’m happy. :)

the girls at terrigal
rita, den, len, abi

len and i

yummy Goulash

friends and family
Friday night dinner

len, den and csab