Wednesday, March 15, 2006

See you in November

U2 customised the lyrics of Beautiful Day when they went to Mexico. They had two award ceremonies in Chile. Bono surprised Brasil and sang Bob Marley songs at the carnival in Salvador. Edge played the charango in Buenos Aires. I guess we'll have to wait a few months to see what'll happen in Australia.

I watched Bono's interview on Enough Rope the other night and he said that it looks like the concert will be rescheduled to November. And he promised something special. ‘It will be the only time, you know, we get a chance to play these songs for a long time, it will be extraordinary.’

I think a lot of us would be counting on that promise. But until that happens, I'm sure a lot of us are also hoping for their ordeal to result into a positive outcome.

And then maybe they'll have something like this for Australia...

See the world in green and gold
See Australia right in front of you
See the the Harbour Bridge at night
See the Yarra River in Victoria
See the swells in Surfer's Paradise
See the wineries at Barossa
And see the land that makes its people proud
And through diversity the colours came out


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